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Item #23050 Untitled Abstraction with Magnets. Kenneth REXROTH.

Untitled Abstraction with Magnets.

This piece was given the date 1925–1930 for the UCSB Rexroth retrospective in 1981. A slightly North-of-centre white square is contained within a black magnet, with a red horizontal bar encasing the magnet, and a yellow magnet is poised at the bottom of the composition. The simple, flat geometrical forms are presented against a grey background. The magnets that appear in this piece are a recurring motif in Rexroth’s paintings of this period, at times in fragmented or partial form, often used with geometric lines, shapes or grids, and contrasting tones or colors to suggest fields of opposing forces. Loose in the frame, some cracks in the paint, otherwise in fine condition. Wax, silica, and pure decorator colors on wooden board or Masonite, 15 7/8” wide x 18" high, ca. 1925-1930, signed “Kenneth Rexroth” in pencil, and framed by the artist. Undated and untitled.

Price: $10,000.00

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