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Item #23049 Untitled Abstraction. Kenneth REXROTH.

Untitled Abstraction.

In 1944 Rexroth specified on the back of a photo of this painting what is the top and the bottom. He dated it “1926” and noted the colors: “blues, yellows on blue and blue green, white and black circles.” The composition uses Mondrian’s palette of primaries with black and white, and is a good example of Rexroth’s use of solar and lunar polarities (the white and black circles) combined with the magnet form, which also carries the association of musical notation (as in linked eighth notes). Rexroth was particularly interested in music because (like mathematics) its complex interrelationships are recorded in a precise, universal notation. San Francisco Museum of Art label on the back, title given is “Abstraction”; date “in” is “6/29/42”. There is a remnant of another label on the back, the little bit of text remaining is illegible. Some minor surface abrasion at top-edge (perhaps from the frame), otherwise in fine condition. Untitled abstract on Masonite (which Rexroth referred to as “Beaver Board”), 12 1/4” wide x 17 3/8" high, ca. 1926, with a double frame (inner frame is glazed and is by Rexroth, outer frame is contemporary and executed to style).

Price: $10,000.00

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