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Autograph Postcard Signed, November 15, 1961, and a 7 5/16 x 9 7/16 inch Season's Greeting card, to Diane Di Prima & Allen Marlowe.

Duncan's postcard extends an invitation to Di Prima and Marlowe: "Could you come for dinner and the evening Saturday? If you can't manage that date, drop me a card when wld do. But herewith anyway an open invitation to come by whenever you can. Love, Robert". The 1966-67 handmade Greeting card bears a paper onlay on which Duncan has written: "We heard it as a cry. It was the Word Today is Bethlehem! In each the Bale again heralded, denied a place, given all gifts the human store of Kingship, Magic and Wisdom may bring. Then, at last! the Crucifixion, everlasting Testament and Fiction of Truth upon the Cross faced and redeemd.... On the verso, Duncan writes: "The enclosed is our secret personal Kelmscott award to the presiding spirits of the Poets Press for a most real series of books. [Also, in part, for one copy of Kirby Doyle's book which the library returned on me, and I have so long neglected to straighten out with you]. We seem to be entering at once the lion's month of the year 1967, if the karma of the nation casts any shadow at all, and at the same time the corolla and house of our own world, for we have found a house and will be moving by February; and (thos I've not seen a penny of it so far) I am supposed to be receiving a National Foundation for Arts and Humanities award - Love, Robert" Both the postcard and the Greeting card are in fine condition.

Price: $1,000.00

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